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Wanderlust describes the human longing to leave familiar conditions and to open up the wide world. The word "wanderlust" literally stands in contrast to homesickness, the longing for one's homeland.

I was plagued by massive wanderlust and decided to quit my job in Munich, exchange my flat for a tent and embark on an exciting expedition.

I travel around the world! By bike.


📍 Colombo, Sri Lanka; 06.01.2019

134 days on road

64 days in the saddle

12 countries visited

5.315 3 km cycled

45.727 m vertical climbing

49 times camping

4 flat tires

1 marathon (Yerevan; Armenia)

1 half-marathon (Muscat, Oman)

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Des bin I - that's me

Marc - 25 - Pyras, Bavaria, Germany

I love sports


  Field Hockey
   Football (Soccer)

extremly impatient

always a little grumpy

dialects//immitating people//class clown 

wannabe singer // knows every lyrics



"Ois a weng - nix gscheid"